Visual Essays

My visual essays have been published by Man Repeller, Desmond & Dempsey, mildew magazine and Happy Medium. I have ideas for about five hundred more.I send a newsletter of visual essays called Powers of Observation (You can subscribe here). written and devised ambidextrously, the visual essays are kind of like unauthorized biographies of idiosyncratic pockets of New York, by the numbers and by the people. Here's an amuse-bouche of excerpts from my favorite issues so far:

Seven pages dedicated to a bronze predecessor to the pandemic puppy, 360° surveillance of New York, and Central Park’s bike loop:

The most verdant block in New York, which you might know as the Eden you accidentally happened upon on your way to a TSA precheck appointment: the Flower District. (Another version of this essay was included in the ninth issue of the Sunday Paper, a quarterly newspaper produced and printed by Desmond & Dempsey, a luxury "pyjama" brand based in England. The issue, which ruminates on the color green, was included with an order of their pyjamas.)

My maiden voyage on the Roosevelt Island tram:

A pin-drop-quiet afternoon spent in the newest iteration of Madison Avenue's Breuer building, currently the anachronistic vessel for the Frick Collection. (I made this for Happy Medium, a new arts club down on Market Street.)

Part anthropological study of New York’s sonic character by way of Shazam, part ode to lobby music and whoever controls the AUX in the city's movie theaters and drugstores:

What to serve courtside, a collaboration with my brother, Fergusalice, and Palmes Society:

A visual essay that clinks and, like some of its many charms, has a couple of moving parts.