Art Advising

I specialize in art advising, applying my encyclopedic knowledge of art history, visual culture, and today’s emerging and practicing artists to a wide variety of projects. I work with both private collectors and corporate clients at any stage of building a collection.  
You might be:
• looking for underrated or buried treasures
• a business OR WORKPLACE aspiring to support or collaborate with artists and illustrators, on projects large and small, and in need of art direction along the way
• building or expanding an art collection
• starting an art collection from scratch, and on a budget
• considering a major acquisition
• looking for something small and spunky for a nook or cranny
• entertaining the possibility of a mural, or seeking something gigantic for a prominent wall
• curious about commissioning
• just now realizing that the first anniversary is traditionally commemorated with paper

I am:
• a walking encyclopedia of artists, practicing and historical, and their work.
• someone who finds art via conventional and unconventional means, and has inventive ideas about what kind of visual matter can be framed on a wall.
• excited by a wide variety of sensibilities and media.
• most driven by introducing you to work that stirs you and that you want to live alongside for a long time, giving secondary or tertiary priority to the hope that someday the value might appreciate considerably (while enjoying the immediate delight of supporting an artist!).
• experienced with both art advising one-on-one and curatorial consulting for corporate programs.