Graphic Design

A poster for the inaugural show at the Barns Art Center in the Hudson Valley.

An invitation to a book party.

I redesigned the identity suite for Custodian, a Brooklyn-based studio specialized in high-end broommaking, and especially loved the final notepad.

Graphic for my SNL fantasy draft on Man Repeller.

Graphic Identity for Man Repeller's shopping franchise, “Might I Suggest.”

Orson Welles' dare-i-say-dainty hands for a story on modern etiquette for the curious millennial.

For a story on how slow shipping subverted the e-commerce shopping habits of a writer in the Netherlands.

For a story on social media anxieties and online identity by one of Man Repeller's editors, Harling Ross, entitled I Think I Might Be Better on the Internet Than in Real Life.